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These 3 Healthy Breakfast Meals will change your Life (Savory Edition)

These 3 Healthy Breakfast Meals will change your Life (Savory Edition)

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Menemen: 317 Calories, 12C, 22F, 21P
– 2 whole eggs
– 70-100g green pepper
– olive oil 5g
– 100g tomato
– 30g feta cheese

Breakfast Beef & Nachos: 617 Calories, 63C, 17F, 55P
– Ground Beef 95/5 180g
– Wheat tortillas 2
– tomato 50g
– 1 onion
– gochujang 15g
– soy sauce 30g

Savory French Toast: 347 Calories, 28C, 15F, 27P
– 2 slices sandwich bread
– egg whites 60g
– 1 whole egg
– chicken ham 30g
– low moisture mozzarella 20g
– seasoning

00:00 Menemen
03:32 Breakfast Beef & Nachos
06:00 Savory French Toast

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